Inner Phoenix Embodied Arts

Where therapy integrates heart, mind, body, and spirit to unleash your full potential.

I promise to support clients of all abilities, genders, race, sexual orientation, and more to the best of my ability.

Becky’s holistic, integrative, embodied approach will help you increase self-compassion and self-awareness and achieve your goals.
Are You Ready?
  • You are actively pursuing change and growth
  • You are ready to engage in sessions and see the results
  • You are ready to fully dive in to your therapy journey

Timing and fit is where it’s at. If you need a different approach to gaining traction with on your path and you are motivated – ready to explore the territory that is your life – reach out now.


“There is no try, only do.”


Just showing up each week is taking action, how you show up is the next step, and there are many after that. When you show up for yourself, this is doing, and doing makes an impact within your system toward the outcomes you desire.


Clients have defined success as a combination of commitment and engagement. If you are ready, willing, and committed to embark on or continue your journey in therapy, Inner Phoenix Embodied Arts is ready to join and support you on your path.


“A person is a fluid process, not a fixed and static entity; a flowing river of change, not a block of solid material; a continually changing constellation of potentialities, not a fixed quantity of traits.”
~ Carl Rogers

Becky works with you through the modalities of expressive arts (including yoga, dance, movement, writing, poetry, art, music, sand tray, performative, photography, etc.), dream exploration, nature-based and somatic therapy, which all can include talk therapy or not. These ways of exploring your personal landscape offer illumination of perspectives or insights that may not have been previously accessible. View the images below for some information on the ways in which we can work together and the usefulness of those exercises.


Therapy in nature. Nature as therapy. This is still therapy, but with all the added bonuses of nature as co-therapist. Your nature-based therapy session could be in the office or outdoors, and outdoor sessions may include adventure therapy , ecotherapy, or wilderness therapy experiences.

Expressive Arts

Experiential therapy modalities help you interact with the challenges along your life path in an embodied, more easeful way. The expressive arts include: dance/movement, yoga, art, poetry, music, drama, photography, sand tray, and other creative arts modalities, and one or more may be used in your sessions.

Dream Work

Exploring night dream content as a bridge into waking life as a tool for healing, clarity, and change. Dreams are your unconscious messages wanting to become conscious. Through meaning-making and symbolism, we focus on the practice of dreaming and dream work for a more integrated waking life.

About Us

Becky Robbins is the founder of Inner Phoenix Embodied Arts and is here to serve those who are ready to make sustainable change in their lives. Becky is a 4th generation PNW resident and feels most vibrant when immersed in nature. She discovered that connecting to herself and her environment in meaningful ways is most helpful for supporting healing and thriving. She enjoys sharing these values with her clients on their journey.

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Getting Here

The office is conveniently located in downtown Bothell and a very short walk away from the Park at Bothell Landing, a tranquil trail system. Enjoy a walk before, during, or after session!